What a splendid journal! The Road to Emmaus is a gift not only to Orthodoxy but to all who wish to return fully to true worship of and true belief in the living God.

Dr. H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.
Author of Foundations of Christian Bioethics

Road to Emmaus has become an Orthodox journal par excellence for newly awakened faithful, for converts, and for post-Soviet discoverers of the Faith. It’s interview-style of gentle teaching brings us deep insight into the mind of the Orthodox Church, its life of worship and prayer, its struggles, and a new knowledge of the need for repentance. With Christ, and with the Church, it takes us on the road to salvation.

Johanna Manley
Compiler of The Bible and the Holy Fathers
Author of The Lament of Eve

Road to Emmaus is a good companion on the spiritual road we all travel. Thoughtful, insightful, and interesting, it is a journal that opens new understanding for Orthodox Christians at every point on their journey." 

Frederica Mathewes-Green
Author of Facing East and The Illumined Heart

St Symeon the New Theologian asked us to have hearts of fire, but minds of ice. For over twenty-five years we have trod the royal path, the middle - and often very lonely - way between those who have zeal but no knowledge, and those who have knowledge but no zeal. Here at last is a truly Orthodox journal which expresses this Orthodox Tradition of knowledge and zeal in all its diversity of life and culture, but which is also open to the contemporary world in all its diversity. Here, in 'Road to Emmaus', 'Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other' (Ps 84,11). I warmly recommend Road to Emmaus to all Orthodox minds and hearts.

Fr. Andrew Philips
Editor of “Orthodox England”
Author of The Hallowing of England and The Old English Church

Thanks be to Our Lord God for the spiritually rewarding publication Road to Emmaus… we who live and love the Holy Orthodox Faith find in this journal spiritual nourishment for our souls! 

Nothing is ever so important for us as to share the spiritual beauty of our Holy Orthodox Faith with one another, and, like the saints and holy martyrs of our Church, strive to plant virtue within our souls. May Our Gracious Lord God continue to bless your great Christian efforts in sharing with us His love, His peace, and His joy! 

With humility and with love for our Lord God, let us all walk with Him on the Road to Emmaus!

Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios (Serfes)
Author of Life and Photographs of St. John of  Kronstadt and 
Life and Works of St. Tikhon the Confessor, Patriarch of Moscow

So, I have my new issue of RtE - I can barely put it down! Thank you for all your efforts… All these inspiring Greek interviews and travelogues are making me feel that I want to go there - and as if I’ve already been…

Joanna Jaquette
Eugene, Oregon

Christ is Baptized! I wanted to let you know that we monks here in the monastery have enjoyed all three issues of Road to Emmaus. The December issue, in particular, is a big hit. Fr. Paisius has read it three times cover to cover. May God bless you in all that you do for His glory.

Fr. Damascene
St. Herman of Alaska Monastery
Platina, California

Greetings! Keep up the good work… superficiality, ignorance, insincerity, vanity are taking over people’s hearts. The things you write about are a bright light in these dark times we live in.

Dusan Kukrika
Hobart, Indiana

The Lord bless you!… I'm thoroughly enjoying the interview with Fr. Artemy Vladimirov in the Fall 2000 issue. It just fits what I was looking for, the feelings and mentality of an Orthodox pastor. In reading the interview I feel myself right there with you hearing his responses…

Fr. Patrick Tishel
Boston, Massachusetts

The journal Road to Emmaus is wonderful! Please continue stories of living Orthodoxy throughout the world…. Everyone wants to know how Orthodox Christians in traditional countries incorporate living Orthodoxy in their daily lives and how people fast, pray, how they witness, how they practice kindness...

It would be wonderful to bring all of the Orthodox world together as one in mind, heart and belief. My prayer is that your journal will not stand alone but unite all Orthodox throughout the world as witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Joanne Stefanatos
Author of Animals and Man

You know you can't keep making each issue better than the last... or can you? The Road to Emmaus is wonderfully inspiring and encouraging.

I remember a story in the life of St. Paisius Velichkovsky about an abbot who was granted to see the invisible world. He saw legions of demons surrounding the monastery, and their commander told him how much energy and warfare was waged upon the place. The chief target was the library where the lives of the saints and the holy works were kept. “We never have enough help or strength to distract and delay those who would read something that would enlighten, encourage or inspire them to pray and struggle. We hate those “filthy rags.” I hope that Road to Emmaus may also become a “filthy rag” and a source of despair to the powers of darkness.

David Denman
Indianapolis, Indiana

Greetings!  Congratulations on a lovely publication. The Road to Emmaus is great.  It both stimulates the mind and consoles the heart, and makes one feel that  true Orthodox life is possible, even in our heavy times… God bless you and your labors for Him! 

Sarah Cowie
Author of More Spirited Than Lions