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Winter/Spring 2017 (#68-69)

Pilgrimage to Lesvos: The Spiritual Treasury of a Greek Island

Explore the rich Christian history and venerate the saints of the Greek Aegean island of Lesvos (Mitilene): Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene; New Martyr Theodore of Byzantium; the Agiassos Icon of the Mother of God, and the shrine of St. Michael the Archangel.

Living Faith and Unsung Saints: Memories of a Holy Island

Stories from Lesvos-born Archimandrite Raphael Pavouris of the grace-filled islanders of his Lesvos childhood. An authentic and moving glimpse of a generation that is now passing away.

“To Help Them Safely From the Sea…”: The Heroism of Lesvos’ Greek Villages

How the coastal villages of the island of Lesvos saved 800,000 Syrian refugees.

Orthodoxy in the Urals: Remembering Verkhoturye

A 1994 pilgrimage account to the town of Verkhoturye on the Tura River, high in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The pristine town surrounded by majestic forests has been a pilgrimage destination for centuries, with the third largest church in Russia and the relics of St. Simeon, Siberia’s most beloved saint.

Acquiring Faith: A Siberian Childhood

The compelling story of a Soviet childhood through the eyes of a woman born to Orthodox exiles in the Ural town of Verkhoturye. Nina Kartasheva’s childhood recollections are offset by her account of a later critical illness and the miraculous intervention of the last Russian Royal Family.