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Spring-Summer 2016 (#65-66)

Saint Innocent of Alaska and Sitka’s Russian-American Heritage

Local Sitka interpreters on the rich history of Alaska’s Russian colonial headquarters, its remarkable Orthodox saints, and the vital Native American Tlingit population that holds fast to its Christian legacy.o

Following the Star: Conversations with Sitka Elders

In the summer of 2015, Road to Emmaus asked four long-time parishioners to tell us their memories and impressions of Orthodox church life in Sitka.

Sitka’s Cathedral of Archangel Michael: An Historic Russian Church in a Land of Saints

Rev. Fr. Michael Boyle on the challenges and rewards of pastoring America’s oldest Orthodox cathedral.

A Russian Priest in Alta California: Father John Veniaminov’s Visit to Fort Ross and the Franciscan Missions

by Mother Nectaria McLees

In 1836, Fr. John Veniaminov, the future St. Innocent of Alaska, made a 1400-mile pastoral visit to a Russian outpost in California. While there he eagerly toured local Spanish Franciscan missions and recorded his impressions.

Remembering Saint Innocent

Fascinating impressions by visitors who shared neither the hierarch’s nationality, background, nor his religion; nothing, in fact, but good fellowship.

Russian Church Bells on California’s El Camino Real

The fascinating story of how Russian church bells were used in California’s Spanish missions.



Winter 2016 (#64)

Reflecting the Heavenly Jerusalem: Building New Churches with Dignity and Grace

In the second-half of a compelling interview on how church design, materials, and liturgical furnishings support or detract from the iconicity of worship, Orthodox church designer Andrew Gould of Charleston, South Carolina reflects on church buildings around the world and advises large parishes and small missions on incorporating traditional patterns into a beautiful, fitting, and prayerful house of worship.

I. Orthodox Architecture: Supporting the Iconicity of Worship

II. Parishes and Missions: Building a New Orthodox Church on Traditional Patterns

III. The Craftsman Heritage: Schooling, Patronage, and New Initiatives in Europe and America

All Manner of Things Beautiful: Met. Hilarion of Kiev’s Sermon on Law and Grace

An accolade from Metropolitan Hilarion of Kiev in praise of the church built by Grand Prince Vladimir and his son Yaroslav-George.

A Crown of Beauty in the Hand of the Lord: Patriarch Photios on the Restoration of Hagia Sophia

The patriarch’s 867 homily on the ravages of iconoclasm can apply equally to our era’s norms of church building. Yet if we understand, as St. Photios did, that our architecture reflects our theology, we may desire to glory in something more true and lasting.