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Fall 2015 (#63)

On Earth as it is in Heaven: Form and Meaning in Orthodox Architecture

by Andrew Gould

A rich introductory essay to Orthodox architecture: how church design, construction, materials, and liturgical furnishings support the iconicity of worship in traditional Byzantine, Russian, and Balkan churches, and why we need to identify and emulate these old patterns.

“Mass Transfigured By Light”: The Iconic Vision of an Orthodox Church

In this first of a two-part series, Andrew Gould of Charleston, South Carolina joins Road to Emmaus in a discussion of his work and vision as a contemporary Orthodox church designer. With his unique background in ecclesiastical art history and architecture, Andrew presents a compelling and inspiring look at the elements of traditional Orthodox church-building and why we cannot afford to ignore them.

“We Cannot Forget That Beauty”: Notes on Sources for the Conversion of Rus’

by Mother Nectaria McLees

St. Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles was a shrewd and innovative prince who found in Christianity a religion for himself and his people, a rich piety that has resonated in Russia for over a thousand years. Here the traditional account of his search, culminating in the visit of envoys to the Church of Hagia Sophia, is bolstered by little-known textual evidence that illumines the medieval Christian landscape.




Summer 2015 (#62)

Facing Eternity in a Russian Hospice: Sustaining Compassion and Love in the Final Days

Orthodox medical worker Frederica deGraff speaks of her work at the First Moscow Hospice in Moscow, Russia and on profound experiences of death, love, and personhood as her patients live out their final weeks.

A Peaceful Passing: Negotiating the Hospital and Hospice

Physical Therapist Demetrios Wilson speaks with Road to Emmaus about end-stage medical decisions and how to prepare for a peaceful Christian passing.

A Simple Grace

Bruce Petersen, Art Director and Graphic Designer for Road to Emmaus, describes his casket-making enterprise and why people are turning to simple, more natural burials.

Clothed in White Linen

Descended from nine generations of linen makers, journalist Bruce Clark describes traditional linen harvesting and processing, its frequent mention in the Bible, and the use of linen from pre-historic Georgia to the Shroud of Turin.

Sweet Relief: Greek Burial Rites and Ritual Lamentation

From ancient Greek burial rites to the fascinating Greek Christian tradition of lamentation, Road to Emmaus traces the universal need to grieve and the ritual mourning that survives until now in traditional Christian cultures.




Spring 2015 (#61)

On the High Road with Scotland’s Saints: Six Early Christian Pilgrimage Destinations

Take an armchair pilgrimage of Scotland’s southern marches, lofty peaks, and windswept isles in this overview of six early Christian pilgrimage sites: Whithorn, St. Andrews, Iona, Glasgow, Edinburgh/Dunfermline, and the Orkney Islands. Join us as we recount the lives of Sts. Ninian, Columba, Kentigern-Mungo, Giles, Triudana, Margaret of Scotland, and Magnus Erlendsson.

Columba’s Children: Life and Community on a Holy Island

Iona guide Jana McLellan gives a fascinating view of daily life as a 21st-century Christian in the Inner Hebrides, and what it means for Iona’s native sons and daughters whose ancestral home is Columba’s holy isle.

How the Vikings Got Their Comeuppance: “Iona’s Revenge”

A look at how the tragic Viking raids of the seventh to eleventh centuries left not only a trail of martyred monks, plundered monasteries, and ravaged Christian communities, but in an unexpected turn of events, impacted the Vikings themselves.

New Beginnings: Orthodoxy in Today’s Scotland

An interview with Archimandrite Raphael Pavouris of Edinburgh’s pan-Orthodox Church of St. Andrew on Orthodox parishes in Scotland after the Second World War and the life and legacy of Archimandrite John Maitland Moir, who for over thirty years supported displaced Orthodox emigrants, new missions, and a growing number of native Scottish converts.



Winter 2015 (#60)

Chastity and Empathy: Eros, Agape, and the Mystery of the Twofold Anointing

Dr. Timothy Patitsas, Assistant Professor of Ethics at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, returns to Road to Emmaus with a discussion of how the roots of chastity are to be found in attentive devotion to the Triune God, unleashing the liberating power of purity and the consolation of spiritual Beauty.


How real Chastity is not the absence of passion, an empty and neutral state, but a pure eros that through self-forgetting leads to ultimate fulfillment and contentment; also, Christ’s institution of Chastity in both its marital and virginal forms at the wedding in Cana.


Why a humane and universal empathy requires the foundation of Chastity, and how recovering the sacramental view of creation is needed to give morality its proper place within our relationship to God.

The TwoFold Anointing

The Holy Spirit unites us with Christ in both his Crucifixion and his Resurrection, dividing real from apparent beauty by revealing the presence of the Cross within the Beautiful.