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Fall 2010 (#43)

Taybeh’s Plea For The Last Christians of The Holy Land
Dr. Maria C. Khoury, Orthodox teacher, peacemaker and Palestinian resident gives a compelling look at the dire situation of Christians in the Holy Land, and what Bethlehem, Taybeh and other Palestinian villages are doing to survive.

The Marvellous Life of Patriarch Sophronius I, His Company of Saints, and The Fall of Byzantine Jerusalem
By Mother Nectaria McLees
As the spiritual son of the renowned monastic author John Moschus and St. John the Almsgiver and spiritual father of St. Maximus the Confessor, this magnificent 7th-century saint, church writer, theologian, and patriarch of Jerusalem shows his spiritual mettle as the sole civil and ecclesiastical authority in the besieged city of Jerusalem.

The Holy City of Jerusalem
A moving cycle of poems by the 7th-century Patriarch Sophronius I of Jerusalem.

Summer 2010 (#42)

Saint Nectarios of Pentapolis: The Aegina Years
By Mother Nectaria McLees
The beloved saint of 20th-century Greece is highlighted in this short narrative of his life, miracles, and the lovely Saronic Gulf island that enshrines his relics.

The Great-Grandmother: A Childhood on Aegina
By Rev. Dr. George D. Dragas
With reverence and grace, Fr. George Dragas, Professor of Patristics at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, recalls the Aegina of his youth and his great-grandmother, Areti Tzavaras, as his first teacher, spiritual head of the family, and a friend of Saint Nectarios of Aegina.

The Mystery of Holy Language
A trio of reflections on Orthodox holy languages; how they make us Christian, how they make us human, and why we can't afford to ignore them.

I. Liturgical Languages and Living Tradition
A European Orthodox nun speaks from her experience as a Greek-English translator on the deep connection between holy language and an Orthodox worldview.

II. Coming Home to Church Greek
Greek-Australian English teacher, Dimitri Christopolous, on how he learned to embrace liturgical Greek.

III. Defending Old Languages: Cultures, Discourse, and Heaven
International Greek journalist, George Alexandrou, on culture, tradition, language, and our need for Orthodox roots.


Spring 2010 (#41)

Coming Into One’s Own Among Strangers at Home: German Orthodoxy Rekindled
An interview with editor and bioethicist Cornelia Delekamp-Hayes on contemporary German Christianity, her conversion to the Orthodox faith, and how Orthodoxy is taking root in post-war secular Germany.

Orthodox Roots, Woods, and Water: A Decade of Pilgrimage to Germany and Switzerland
Native German-speaker Popadia Margaret Bauman recounts her search for saints, pilgrimage sites, and relics in today's Germany and Switzerland.

The Advent of Orthodoxy in the German-Speaking Lands
by Popadia Margaret Bauman
A sweeping overview of early Orthodox saints and missionary endeavors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, and Liechtenstein.

Pilgrimage to Eichstätt: Sts. Willibald, Walburga and Wunibald
Three sibling missionary saints: co-workers of St. Boniface and apostles to Germany.

The Travels of Willibald: A.D. 721-727
The remarkable account of an Orthodox Anglo-Saxon pilgrim to the Holy Land, later to become one of Germany's most illustrious missionaries. The youthful Willibald is captured by Saracens, imprisoned, and loses his sight before reaching Rome and the German-speaking lands.


Winter 2010 (#40)

Stepping Into The Stream: An Interview with Alice C. Linsley
Alice Linsley reflects on her sixteen years as an Episcopalian priest and the continuation of her spiritual journey with her 2007 entrance into the Orthodox Church. Drawing upon her rich experience as a Genesis scholar, Alice carries us deeply into the Old and New Testament understanding of liturgy, gender, and the nature of the priesthood.

Fountains of Grace: On Holy Water

Holy Wells of Wales
By Howard Huws
Welsh Orthodox historian Howard Huws looks at the long tradition of holy wells in Wales, how they refreshed and healed centuries of Christians, and how they survived the Reformation.

The Unbroken Tradition: St. Winifred's Well (Ffynnon Wenfrewi) Holywell
Howard Huws continues his reflections on one of the most important wells in the Orthodox world and the grace that has kept Christians coming to partake of its healing waters for more than a millennium.

Holy Water and Pseudoscience: Who Needs Experiments on Holy Things?
By Vladimir Gurbolikov
Russian editor Vladimir Gurbolikov offers an Orthodox response to the scientific “proofs” of religion and spirituality that have flooded print media and the internet over the past decade.