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Fall 2009 (#39)

Souls In Motion: Creativity and Community In A Harlem Workshop
Orthodox artist Julia Demaree-Raboteau, an innovative long-time New Yorker, brings to life the form and spirit of Souls in Motion, a workshop for the mentally ill that has nurtured, healed, and created family among Harlem residents for over twenty years under the guidance of Julia and her co-director, Louise Rosenberg.

Dear Julia: Words From Souls
A Mother’s Day letter to Julia Demeree-Raboteau from William (the Gardener), long-time friend and client.

Where The Cross Divides the Road (Part II)
In this far-ranging discussion, former Cambridge lecturer and Coptic Christian Dr. George Bebawi returns to speak of Orthodox insight gained during his long residency in England, of the vulnerability of western Christian youth to Islamic proselytizing and of Islamic practice and conversions to Christianity in North Africa.

Babouscka: A Russian Christmas Story for Children
A many-layered Russian-Ukrainian folktale of an old peasant's search for the Christ-Child.

Summer 2009 (#38)

With The Desert Fathers of Egypt: The Coptic Church Today
Former Cambridge lecturer, Dr. George Bebawi, on his early extraordinary years with Egypt’s 20th-century Coptic desert fathers, and his reflections on the challenges faced by the Coptic Church—still revered by millions of faithful as the “Mother of Martyrs.”

Conservation and Restoration at Sinai: Treating a Special Place Gingerly
An introduction by Fr. Justin, librarian of St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai Desert, on the work-in-progress to conserve and restore one of Orthodox Christianity’s oldest and holiest sites.

In The Valley There is a Garden: The Spiritual and Cultural Treasury of St. Catherine’s Monastery
An interview with Fr. Justin of St. Catherine’s on the spiritual and historical treasures of Orthodoxy’s oldest continuously inhabited monastery. Built in the 6th century, St. Catherine’s marks the holy ground where the Prophet Moses spoke face-to-face with the Living God.

Ascent of Mount Sinai
Fourth-century Spanish pilgrim, Egeria, recounts her visit to Mount Sinai in a letter sent home to a circle of Christian women.


Spring 2009 (#37)

In Memoriam: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
By Mother Nectaria McLees and Seraphim Winslow
I. A Bright Flame: December 11, 1918 – August 3, 2008
II. The Homecoming: Return from Exile
III. The Turn of the Wheel: Solzhenitsyn’s Funeral
A tribute to the life and memory of the preeminent chronicler of 20th-century Russia, and to the millions of Russians for whom he wrote.

The Orthodox Church and Society (Part II)
Church-State Relations in Contemporary Russia

In the second of a two-part interview, Archpriest George Ryabkh of the Moscow Patriarchate explores the complex coexistence of Russia’s Orthodox Church and its post-Soviet democratic government — an insider’s view of a unique and often misunderstood relationship.

The Living Relic
By Ivan Turgenev
From “A Sportsman’s Sketches” Turgenev’s classic story of finding holiness in curious and lowly places fueled the Cold War.


Winter 2009 (#36)

To Be Free or Not To Be: Welsh Christianity at the Crossroads
Hieromonk Deiniol, founder of the Wales Orthodox Mission and pastor of All Saints Orthodox Church in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales, speaks about Welsh Christianity, the country's rich Orthodox roots, and his hopes for renewal.

Safely Home to Heaven
A remarkable pastoral letter from an Orthodox nun to a former Calvinist.

Melangell With a Thousand Angels
The Church of Pennant Melangell, the oldest Romanesque shrine in Northern Europe, contains the relics of St. Melangell, a 7th-century Irishwoman and one of Wales’ earliest anchorites. Rev. Evelyn Davies, former pastor of Pennant Melangell, relates her experience of St. Melangell's intercession.

Hare at Pennant
A poem on Pennant Melangell by Ruth Bidgood.

The Bright Field: Three Welsh Poems
Welsh Christian poetry from the 12th to the 20th centuries.

The Orthodox Church and Society: Historic Roots of Church-State Relations (Part I)
Father George Ryabkh, head of the Secretariat for Church and Society for the Russian Orthodox Church, traces the intriguing history of Byzantine and Russian church-state relations, and what it means for us today.