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Fall 2006 (#27)

Songs of Freedom: A Rastafari Road to Orthodoxy
An interview with Michael and Teresa Wilson about their long journey to Orthodoxy, and the Rastafarian lifestyle that led them home.

Nativity Address by Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia
Translated from Amharic, this undated Nativity greeting expresses the traditional Christian worldview of the last Ethiopian emperor.

31st and Troost: From Dividing Line to Gathering Place
Serbian Orthodox priest Fr. Paisius Altschul offers an invigorating perspective on our multicultural society, highlighting the challenges of parish life in the inner city and how the Kansas City Orthodox community is helping.

Christmas In The Camp
Vera Ivanovna Prokhora, granddaughter of the last mayor of Moscow before the 1917 Russian Revolution, recalls Christmas in Stalin’s gulag.

Summer 2006 (#26)

Life On The Golden Horn: Memories of Greek Constantinople, 1948 to 1963
An interview with Kyria Elpida Papadapolous
Memoirs of a young Greek woman in Constantinople: daily life in Turkish Istanbul; Patmos’ Elder Amphilochios Macris and other remarkable Orthodox Christians; catacomb Christianity among the Turks; and the little-known pogrom of 1955, the death knell of Constantinople’s Greeks.

Hymns and Laments On The Fall of Constantinople
Early Pontic and Greek hymns on the fall of the Queen of Cities to the Turks in 1453.

Interfaith Dialogue: An Orthodox Witness
A frank and dynamic interview with Fr. George Ryabykh of the Moscow Patriarchate on the history of the Russian Orthodox Church’s involvement in inter-church relations and his own experience as a representative to the Conference of European Churches.

The Apples of Transfiguration
A feast-day excerpt from the pre-revolutionary Russian favorite, “The Year of the Lord,” by Orthodox writer, Ivan Shmyelov.


Spring 2006 (#25)

A City of Saints: The Forgotten Reliquaries of Paris
A look at the Orthodox saints and relics of Paris, through the eyes of Fr. Nicholas Nikichine, church historian and Parisian Russian priest. With his fiery enthusiasm, Fr. Nicholas brings to life the chronicles of these great saints and arguments for the relics’ authenticity.

Holy France: The Pilgrim’s Road
A picture portfolio of Orthodox saints and relics enshrined in modern-day France and featured in “A City of Saints.”

Perspective and Grace: Painting the Likeness of Christ
An interview with French iconographer Emilie Van Taak, a student of Leonid Uspensky and experienced teacher in her own right. Emilie’s rare mastery in explaining spirituality, perspective, and technique draws readers into the heart of the icon.

“Can These Bones Live?”
A selection of quotes from the Church Fathers on the veneration of relics.


Winter 2006 (#24)

Souls In Motion: The Spiritual Life of Teenagers
An engaging interview with Fr. Artemy Vladimirov on the teenage years: the decade’s moral pitfalls and spiritual opportunities.

Double Faith, Dostoyevsky, and Bulgakov
by Fr. Artemy Vladimirov
A talk with American college students on integrity of faith as an antidote for superstition and literary shamanism.

Children Behind Bars: A Voice For Greece’s Juvenile Offenders
Katerini Gouli speaks out about the conditions of Greece’s juvenile prisons, and her work with Athen’s young captives.

The Student
by Anton Chekov
A Lenten tale by Russia’s great short-story writer.

The Looking Glass: Perspectives On The Teenage Years
Three candid narratives by young Muscovites on their recent youth.