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Fall 2005 (#23)

Everything In Love: The Making of a Missionary
After a decade of service in Albania, Fr. Luke Veronis gives an insider’s view of Orthodox missions and a fascinating look at what it takes to be a successful long-term missionary.

The Pearl of Great Price: Resurrecting Orthodoxy in China
Russian Orthodox priest, Fr. Dionisy Pozdnyaev, on Orthodoxy in China – its status, needs, aspirations, and opportunities.

“I Was Born In An Orthodox World…” Early Memories of a Chinese Christian
by Archdeacon Papiy Fu
Through the eyes of a Chinese Christian, a succinct and moving account of life in pre-revolutionary China, and the contemporary rekindling of Orthodoxy.

The Nativity Sermon of St. John Chrysostom
A Christmas gift to our readers: a sermon on the birth of Our Lord by the greatest of Christian preachers.

Summer 2005 (#22)

Antioch’s Golden Hoard: The Chalcedonian Orthodox Manuscript Treasury
Monk Elia Khalifeh on his international search for the widely-scattered Antiochian patrimony: Orthodox documents and manuscripts from the patriarchate where “the disciples were first called Christians.”

Saints and Scholars of Christian Antioch
A surprising and enlightening compendium of the Antiochian Fathers and Mothers of the Church.

Pillars to Heaven: Stylite Sites of The Levant
An engaging interview with Austrian archeologist Lukas Schrachner on early eastern monasteries and the “pillar saints” of Syria and Turkey. With his sharply-honed academic training and warm Christian heart, Lukas details the earthly evidence for these remarkable ascetics, and the great pilgrimage centers that followed their repose.

The Village Church of Yegorievka: Part II
by Thomas and Sonia Hulbert
Letters from Road to Emmaus staff correspondent Thomas Hulbert and his Russian wife, Sonia, chronicling their five-year friendship with the small Siberian village of Yegorievka, the Church of St. Nicholas, and its young priest, Fr. Alexander Popov, who, against all odds, is awakening the souls of his people.


Spring 2005 (#21)

From Jainism to Orthodoxy: An Indian Passage
Radha Jagat (Elesa) Dalal speaks of her girlhood in India, her country’s recent history, and her upbringing as a pacifist Jain. With colorful detail and fascinating insight into daily Indian life, Elesa and her husband Symeon Branson contemplate Jain belief and her conversion to Orthodox Christianity.

Witness For An Apostle: Evidence of St. Thomas in India
by Mother Nectaria McLees
The historical, archeological, and patristic evidence supporting the Indian Christian tradition of St. Thomas’ first-century evangelization of India.

The Indian Verses of St. Ephrem the Syrian
Fourth-century verses from the Nisibene Hymns on the translation of St. Thomas’ relics from India to Edessa.

The Village Church of Yegorievka: Part I
by Thomas and Sonia Hulbert
Road to Emmaus staff correspondent and his Russian wife write about their five-year friendship with the small Siberian village of Yegorievka, the Church of St. Nicholas, and its young priest, Fr. Alexander Popov, who, against all odds, is awakening the souls of his people.


Winter 2005 (#20)

Eternal Questions: On Heaven and Hell
by Fr. Artemy Vladimirov
A reader’s letter pondering the existence of hell in the creation of an all-loving God is answered by Fr. Artemy Vladimirov, who illumines this perennially rocky ground with traditional Orthodox teaching.

The Pearl
Selected verses from the fourth-century poetry of St. Ephrem the Syrian.

Christ, The Medicine of Life: The Syriac Fathers on the Lord’s Descent Into Hell
An interview with Syriac scholar Irina Kukota, who traces the writings of the Syriac fathers of the Church on Christ’s Resurrection and His descent into hell to free Adam, Eve, and the Old Testament righteous, bridging contemporary worldviews and our own struggle for salvation with her invigorating perception of the Christian East.

St. Milos and The Pascha Egg
A marvelous Pascha story from 1939; Patras, Greece.