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Fall 2004 (#19)

The Astonishing Missionary Journeys of The Apostle Andrew
International journalist and political commentator, George Alexandrou, traces the traditional routes of St. Andrew’s missionary journeys from the Russian far north to central Africa, bringing to life the Lord’s first-called apostle and the people at the “ends of the earth” to whom he preached.

St. Andrew and The Miraculous Isle of Valaam
by St. Ignaty Brianchaninov
Renowned 19th-century Russian theologian, ascetic and saint, St. Ignaty Brianchaninov writes on St. Andrew’s presence in Karelia, northern Russia.

Old Valaam: St. Andrew’s Legacy, A Contemporary Photomontage

Heaven, A Cave: Christmas in Bethlehem
by Mother Nectaria McLees
A pilgrimage to Christendom’s most beloved village.

Summer 2004 (#18)

We Are Going to Live in Paradise: Orthodoxy in the Congo
Fr. Theotimos Tsalas, a native Congolese Orthodox priest and spiritual son of Fr. Cosmas of Zaire, links early African Christianity to contemporary native thought and spirituality, offering a detailed and sobering description of African spiritism and magic, with Orthodoxy as its corrective.

Letters From An Apostle: The Inner World of Fr. Cosmas of Zaire
In his own words: Missionary-priest Cosmas of Grigoriou (+1989). In eleven years Fr. Cosmas baptized 15,000 souls and built 55 parishes in the heart of the Congo.

The Last Priest of Caesarea
by H.V. Morton
A 1930s English travel writer researching the journeys of St. Paul encounters Arab life and a lone Greek Orthodox priest in ancient Caesarea.

by Maxim Yakovlev
A story of contemporary Russia.


Spring 2004 (#17)

The Golden Thread of Faith: Mental Illness and the Soul
Russian Orthodox psychiatrist, Dr. Marina Busigina, on her years of service at the Ekaterinburg Regional Psychiatric Hospital, her patients, and her perception of mental illness, faith, and the soul.

George, Nadezhda, Tatiana, Sergei, and Michael
Five Orthodox Muscovites talk of their ongoing struggles with mental illness..

Columba Goes East
by Columba Bruce Clark
A Northern Irish convert and namesake of St. Columba of Iona charts his Orthodox locus in the incredulous seas of the Christian East.

Cadam in Ryazan
by Mother Nectaria McLees
A pilgrimage to Russia’s Ryazan region and the daily life of a provincial village: the remarkable people who are reclaiming its Orthodox past, and a compelling meeting with Matushka Nikandra, a 100-year-old schema-nun who survived the Russian gulag.


Winter 2004 (#16)

Daughter of Eagles
Albanian Julia Kokoshari describes her youth under the world's most repressive atheist regime, God's revelation of faith, and her country's remarkable past.

Albanian Diary: Ten Days in Shqiperia
by Mother Nectaria McLees
Through the back roads and ancient cities of Albania, Road to Emmaus finds a resurrected Church renewing a nation.

Strength in Numbers
An overview of Albanian Orthodoxy's phenomenal decade of outreach.

Orthodox Roots, Bektashi Neighbors
A direct and candid interview with Albania's native son, Metropolitan John of Korca, on co-existence with Albania's Bektashi Muslims and individuality and freedom in Orthodox spirituality.