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Fall 2003 (#15)

Brittany’s Celtic Past
An interview with Fr. Maxime Le Diraison of Lannion on French Brittany, its Orthodox legacy and contemporary awakening.

Tro Breizh: A Pilgrimage to the Seven Saints of Brittany
by Mother Nectaria McLees
A busload of Russian pilgrims traverses Europe to venerate this traditional corner of western Orthodox history.

Corsican Root and Branch
Josephine Antherieu speaks of her life in Corsica and Aiz-en-Provence, and the state of French Orthodoxy.

Global Perceptions and Local Relations: Pitfalls in Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Dr. Tarek Mitri, Lebanese Orthodox professor and coordinator for the World Council of Churches Christian-Muslim Dialogue, describes the misconceptions that divide Muslims and Christians, and offers some correctives. The lecture that stunned an entire theological conference.

Summer 2003 (#14)

Diveyevo: A Pilgrim's Chronicle
by Mother Nectaria McLees
Since Holy Trinity Women's Monastery opened its doors in 1990, the rebirth of this historic convent has been an inspiration to Orthodox everywhere. Our pilgrim's chronicle, spanning ten years of monastic revival, brings to life the pre-revolutionary places and the contemporary Christians who are laboring to rebuild St. Seraphim's Diveyevo.

An Album of Old Sarov and Diveyevo
Pre-revolutionary photos from the archives of Diveyevo Convent.

1991: The Return of St. Seraphim's Relics to Diveyevo
by Fr. Artemy Vladimirov
A talk on Moscow's Radio Radonezh, given days after St. Seraphim's relics were carried in processsion through Moscow streets.

St. Seraphim's Canonization and the Russian Royal Family at Sarov
A narative of the 1903 canonization of St. Seraphim and the years of devotion and pilgrimage by the Russian royal family that preceded it.


Spring 2003 (#13)

Beyond the Great Wall: Orthodoxy In China
Chinese philologist loannis Chen maps out the acutely fragile Orthodox life of contemporary China, the 20th-century events that have shaped it, and his plea for an eleventh-hour rescue. Reading this before publication, a Russian editor exclaimed, “This is the heart of China.” We agree.

The Lotus Cross
A short chronograph of China’s early Christian history and the monument that preserved it.

The Ikon in the Home
by Stephen Graham
Late 19th-century English adventurer Stephen Graham rekindles the past and illumines the present with his engaging narrative of pre-rev-olutionary Russia.

The Lightness of Being (Orthodox)
Anecdotes of Moscow Christians.


Winter 2003 (#12)

The Bones of Contention
An interview with Olga Nikolaievna Kulikovsky-Romanoff
In the second of our two-part interview, Olga Nikolaievna, wife of Tihon Kulikovsky-Romanoff (the nephew of Tsar Nicholas II and grandson of Tsar Alexander III), speaks of her ongoing struggle to dispute the authenticity of the alleged remains of Tsar Nicholas II and his family buried in St. Petersburg, her own views of monarchy and government, and her charity work with the Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Foundation.

Forgive Us, Merciful Lord
A General Confession for Great Lent
A Lenten reflection led by Fr. Artemy Vladimirov of All Saints Church, Moscow, Russia.

Living Theology in Thessalonica
Three western students studying theology in Thessalonica talk about their experience of Greek culture, education and spirituality, and their changing world-views.

Father Chariton
A Pascha story from Russky Palomnik, Spring, 1911.