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Fall 2002 (#11)

To Be and Not To Seem: My Mother-in-law, Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna
An interview with Olga Nikolaievna Kulikovsky-Romanoff
In the first of a two-part interview, Olga Nikolaievna, daughter-in-law of Russian Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Romanoff and niece (by marriage) of Tsar Nicholas II, speaks of her own tumultuous early life, and the fascinating but unknown story of her mother-in-law, “The Last Grand Duchess.”

1919: A Refugee Christmas
Previously unpublished letters from Russian Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Romanoff to her mother, Empress Marie Feodorovna, narrating her family's harrowing midwinter flight from the Bolsheviks.

The Kaaba and Jacob’s Pillow
A discussion with Father Daniel Byantoro of Indonesia
A year after the September 11, 2001 tragedy, Fr. Daniel rejoins Road to Emmaus readers in an intriguing and candid discussion of Islamic traditions, beliefs, and history, and how Orthodox Christians can respond.

The Christmas Vigil
An excerpt from The Year of the Lord by Ivan Shmelyoff

Summer 2002 (#10)

Embracing Spring: The Christopolous Family Of Ioannina
A candid and thought-provoking talk with Orthodox parents and children on their day-to-day spiritual life in modern Greece.

Icon Of Great Joy: The Tinos Mother Of God
by Mother Nectaria McLees
The discovery, miracles, and celebration surrounding the most famous of all Greek icons of the Mother of God.

Bishop Kallistos Ware On Personhood, The Philokalia, And The Jesus Prayer
With his well-known precision and clarity, His Grace Bishop Kallistos speaks with Road to Emmaus about entering the Church, spiritual reading, and the Prayer of the Heart.

Pilgrimage Morning
by Ivan Shmelyov
First English excerpts from the recently rediscovered 19th-century Russian classic, The Year of the Lord.

Moscow Pastors On Children, The Church, And Free Will
Five Moscow priests talk about children and church-going.


Spring 2002 (#9)

The Stone In The Blender: Orthodox Greece And Contemporary Europe, Part II
An interview with Nicholas Karellos. In the second of a two-part interview, Nicholas talks about his decade of missionary efforts in Athens and Eastern Europe, the great spiritual wealth that still exists in Greece, and his experience in working with Greek and western Orthodox pilgrims.

Saints Alive! (The Bits the Hagiographers Left Out)
“Aw, Mom!” The Monastic Beginnings of St. Luke the Younger

G.K. Chesterton In Russia
How did the humorous and flamboyant early 20th-century Christian writer, Gilbert Keith Chesterton make fans of Russia’s post-revolutionary intellectuals?

Is Chesterton Worth Reading?  
A preface by Dr. Natalia Trauberg
Out of Samizdat: Fifty Years of Chesterton in Russia. Chesterton Speaks for Himself! Short extracts from his own works.

Singled Out: A Survey of Orthodox Christians
Four Russians share very diverse perceptions of life as a single Christian.


Winter 2002 (#8)

The Stone in the Blender: Orthodox Greece and Contemporary Europe
In the first of a two-part interview, Road to Emmaus talks to Nicholas Karellos about the challenges Greek Orthodoxy has faced over the past century and his hope and concerns for the future.

The Marvelous History of the Holy Cross
by Mother Nectaria McLees
What happened to the Holy Cross after St. Helen found it? The powerful and elusive history of Christendoms most precious relic.

Together out of Time: Mosaics in Moscow
by Natalia Kareva 
Russia's premier mosaicist talks about her life and work.

A Siberian Grandmother on Confession 
A broadcast from Radio Radonezh.