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Fall 2001 (#7)

St. Nicholas Monastery and the Island of the Winds
by Mother Nectaria McLees

I. A pilgrimage to the island of Andres, Greece, and the Monastery of St. Nicholas. Greek Christians say, “If the Holy Mountain is the garden of the Mother of God, St. Nicholas Monastery is her backyard.”

II. A Short Life of St. Nicholas theWonder-worker

III. Contemporary Miracles of St. Nicholas

The Obedience of Love: An Interview with Sister Gavrilia
An interview with the spiritual daughter of Mother Gavrilia, “the ascetic of love.”

Letters from a Village Matushka 
by Inna Belov
A priest's wife writes about starting a church in the remote Russian village of Sakhulino.

Orthodox World View:  Questions from Readers 
A reader asks how to face the fear of terrorism.

Summer 2001 (#6)

Orthodoxy in Indonesia: An Interview with Archimandrite Daniel Bambang Dwi Byantoro
by Thomas Hulbert
Wonderful insights and experience from Archimandrite Daniel, the first Orthodox priest in modern Indonesia, on his struggle to introduce Orthodoxy and how he reaches out to his Moslem countrymen. 

Orthodox Mission Profile: Archimandrite Daniel Byantoro and the Indonesian Mission
We continue with a look at historical Christianity in Indonesia, Father Daniel’s own conversion to Orthodoxy, and his growing community.

The Prophet and the Pasha: Saint Cosmas of Aitolia and Ali Pasha, the Lion of Ioannina
by Mother Nectaria McLees
A look at two of the most interesting figures of 18th-century Ottoman-occupied Greece.

The Age of Wood
by Stephen Graham
Early 20th-century account of life in the northern Russian forests

Survey of Orthodox Christians
How do you relate to your unbelieving friends and relatives?


Spring 2001 (#5)

My Work with Engish-Speaking Converts (Part III)
The conclusion of our three-part interview with Moscow’s Fr. Artemy Vladimirov on survival skills for Western Orthodox Christians, contemporary spiritual life, and the integrity of the human soul.

From Moscow to Lindisfarne: A Pilgrimage to the West
What happens when two Russian Orthodox university students go in search of early English and Irish Christianity? Anton Odaysky and Sonia Mikhaylova tell us of their quest.

Contemporary Voices for Celtic Christianity
We continue our pilgrimage with Anton Odaysky and Sonia Mikhalyova interviewing two British historians on the historical roots of Celtic Christians and the traces that remain.

I. Clans, Warriors and Monks. Kate Tristam, and English historian – author on early Christianity in Great Britain and Ireland

II. Most Beautiful of All are the Words from the Trinity. Ray Simpson, leader of the St. Aidan and St. Hilda Community in Northumbria.

Saints Alive! (The Bits the Hagiographers Left Out) 
A Barbarous, Fierce and Pagan Nation: St. Augustine’s Mission to Britain


Winter 2001 (#4)

Petersburg’s Street Kids Find a Home
What happens when a St. Petersburg schoolteacher takes a dozen boys off the street and makes a home for them? Natasha Ustinova tells her story.

Ephraim of Nea Makri: A Saint for Troubled Youth
by Mother Nectaria McLees
One of Greece ’s most beloved newly-revealed saints, his remarkable story and the decades of help he has given those in need.

My Work with English-speaking Converts (Part II)
We continue with the second of our spirited interviews with Moscow’s Fr. Artemy Vladimirov: Western converts, the place of canons in our lives, marriage, right ordination, spiritual direction, and elders.